Conspiring Against Humanity

In a world with so much access to information from around the globe, it never fails to surprise me that access to true information is so limited. We have recently seen so much censorship like we have never seen before. It is like the book burning of the 21st century with unidentifiable tactics, to not only eliminate the facts before they are found, but to instill into the general public misinformation with authority figures and ‘experts’. This is called ‘flooding the zone,’ and it is a form of psychological warfare, if you ask me. But, who is responsible for this? It can’t be one person or organization, there are too many different sectors of it that could not operate independently though either. How far back does this plan to ‘take over the world’ really go? And what really boggles my mind and honestly, breaks my heart is, how did ‘they’ get us to turn against the ones we love when we hear something that goes against mainstream thinking?

If you want to be exiled, villianized and laughed at in your community and family, you should question western medicine, keep a close eye on your elected officials and the laws they pass, request that the future of technology be as safe as it is fast and try to avoid chemicals and other harmful ‘foods’ that Americans eat on a daily basis. Do all of that and you will be the town looney tune. You’ll have conversations with people who’s eyes glaze over when you use incredibly scientifically sound information and then be informed that you’re wrong, because ‘they couldn’t do that.’ Most famously, you’ll become what is called a conspiracy theorist. Boy, I strongly dislike that label. Why am I being called anything when this guy/company is killing people by the masses? How did they do such a good job at directing the attention onto the watchmen versus the attackers? And when the watchmen were right all along, then what happens? How do the people get justice when the government agencies are the criminals?

So many times throughout history ‘conspiracy theories’ turned out to be true, The MK-Ultra project, where the U.S hired 1600 Nazi scientists and some of them worked on this project where they were dosing individuals with LSD and manipulating them, without the participants knowing. The ‘Project Mockingbird’ where the CIA provided propaganda to the mainstream media, the government contaminated alcohol during the prohibition that killed over 10,000 people, the fake vaccination program that led to Osama Bin Laden’s capture and the contaminated Salk vaccine that was given to over 100 MILLION people and is still found in cancers among adults and children today… I digress. Can you imagine how many of those people, who were trying to alert the public, were given credit where credit is due AFTER they were ridiculed or even persecuted for trying to tell the truth? I am going to guess, not many. It is so perfectly orchestrated that when the truth comes out, it is too late and no one cares anymore. These are people’s lives being ruined over the attempt to share truths about other lives being ruined or ended.

For me, this is a very real problem, everyday. Living in a smaller community and being close to my family, I am very blessed but also very misunderstood. Most of my friends and family work in agriculture, factory, medical or military, so it is difficult to hear what I have to say when I ask my loved ones to be careful with the round-up, not to feed my children anything with refined sugar or tell them we don’t use tylenol or drink milk. I frequently hear, ‘Oh, a little bit isn’t going to hurt!’ Not true, a little can hurt. We know that glyphosate in the parts per BILLION can be detrimental to the gut and brain, so that lingering amount of round-up that my kids are crawling through could definitely ‘hurt’ even if you can’t SEE or FEEL it hurting. I struggle with being disconnected from the ones I love, not because I don’t respect them for thinking or living the way they do, but because they so strongly oppose the way I do. This division has led me to want to document everything I have ever researched and continue to learn daily, not to prove I am right, but to have an avenue that I can get all of that information out and saved somewhere. And if they or anyone ever decides they are interested in my research or thoughts, they can access it any time.

For now, this blog will be a way for me to share my research and beliefs in a way that is only given when wanted, without needing to ask. I feel so conflicted sometimes when I find information that can literally change someone’s life for the better, but I know they won’t be willing to accept it from me because I am not a doctor, scientist or other type of ‘expert.’ That won’t stop me from standing up and defending them in public hearings, county board meetings or any other time in every day life. I will forever seek the truth and rip off the masks of the evil ones, Lord willing.

If you’re still reading this and you feel like this too, know you are not alone. There are so many of us, many who are afraid to feel the way you do, so they say nothing. They are the ones we need to empower. The Lord has many of us hidden, disguised as common folks, but I truly believe veils will be lifted and we will be able to stand proud of what we stand for… the TRUTH!

Proverbs 8:10¬†–¬†Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold.

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